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Vikram Rao, MD, PhD
Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow
UCSF Epilepsy Center

Vikram Rao, MD, PhD is a Clinical Fellow in the Epilepsy Center at UCSF. After earning his medical and graduate degrees from UCSF, he completed neurology residency at the Massachusetts General and Brigham & Women’s Hospitals, serving as Chief Resident in the final year. In 2012, he returned to UCSF for subspecialty training in epilepsy. His research interests involve the cellular mechanisms underlying neural circuit dysfunction in epilepsy.

University of California–Berkeley, AB, 1999
UCSF, PhD, 2006
UCSF, MD, 2008

Massachusetts General Hospital / Brigham & Women’s Hospital, 2012


UCSF Epilepsy Center, 2012–present

Sarah Shalev, MD
Yana Kriseman, MD
Siddharth Kharkar, MD