Refer Your Patient

Referring an adult patient

We welcome referrals to the Epilepsy Center, and are happy to accommodate providers by evaluating patients in clinic or by admitting directly to our inpatient video-EEG monitoring unit.

To Make a Referral: Please fax a completed Referral Form to 415.353.2837.
Main referrals phone: 415-353-2437

Please include:

• The reason for referral, and whether you are requesting a clinic evaluation or admission directly to the inpatient Video EEG monitoring unit.
• All pertinent recent clinical information, including results of recent EEG, MRI or other imaging that is available.

Patients referred for clinic evaluation may include:

• New onset seizure disorders for consultation
• Consultation regarding diagnosis of seizure when questions are present
• Second opinions
• Refractory epilepsy

Patients who may be referred for direct admission to inpatient video EEG monitoring include:

• Patients who require diagnostic seizure monitoring for characterization/ localization of spells or seizures
• Extended diagnostic testing for patients with known epilepsy
• Patients who may be candidates for epilepsy surgery.

This list is by no mean exhaustive, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about making a referral.

For Questions regarding referrals:

General Questions: contact Cleotilde Magtibay, adult epilepsy practice coordinator at

415.353.9374 or one of our epilepsy operators at 415.353.2437.

For questions regarding referrals evaluations for epilepsy surgery, please contact the Seizure Disorders Surgical Program: Lucinda Rinaldo, Nurse Specialist SDSP 415-514-5759

Pediatric Referrals:

If you are referring a patient who is 17 years old or younger, please contact our pediatric epilepsy administrators Geraldine Dalida at 415.353.8164 or Robin Neal at 415.353.9064 or fax a completed Pediatric Referral Form to 415.353.3573. Please include all pertinent and recent clinical notes and MRI Brain and EEG reports, if possible.

Health Insurance
Please be aware that many insurance plans will require an official insurance referral from a primary care physician before a patient can schedule a visit with an outside specialist at UCSF. Contact your patient's insurance to learn whether you need to obtain an authorization prior to their visit.